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CARA Management
Time Management Plan (TMP) Configuration
Archiving CARA Approvals
Civic Engagement Day
Out of Segment CARA - Non MFB
Importing Competition Participation Status
Creating a New CARA Log Submission
Reassigning Student-Athlete CARA Approval
Competition Import Specifications
How are additional off days calculated?
Managing Vacation Periods
Non-Championship Segment Day Count
Individual Additional Off-Day Report
Playing Seasons - Compliance Explanation
CARA: Configuring Individual Sport Segments
Re-Opening Submitted CARA Events
Postponed Football Season CARA
Configuring Departmental CARA Approval Process
COVID-19 Virtual CARA
Defining the CARA Log Submitter
Process Role for CARA Submission
Setting Frequency of Event Certification
CARA Logs: Play & Pause
On-Court Transition Segment (MBB/WBB)
Adding Notes to Rejected Events
Resending Email Notification for Submission
Playing & Practice Logs Page Explanation
Submitting CARA Events for Certification
Approving Playing & Practice Log - Compliance
Reviewing The Weekly CARA Breakdown
Rejected Event Management
Description of Key in Playing Seasons
Managing Event Participants
Student-Athletes Approving CARA
Configuring Student-Athlete CARA Certifiers
Catching Up on Missed Submissions
CARA Task Notifications
Identifying Overdue Certifications
Monitoring Pending Approvals
Designating Number of SA Approvers
Filtering Logs for Approval - Has Rejections vs. No Rejections
Playing Season - Team Explanation
Managing Out of Season Weeks
Why is my CARA Log not Submittable?
Managing Competition Records
Student-Athlete CARA Calendar View
Coach Resubmitting Rejected Events
Map Teamworks Hub Event Types to Compliance + Recruiting