Module: Team

Page: Playing Season, Team > Roster

When you are adding an event to your team calendar, student-athlete participants should be defined. The add event modal will default to include your current academic year active roster. You can alternatively choose to add student-athlete's as individuals or replace the full roster by utilizing your previously created groups or saved searches.

Adding Student-Athletes to an Event:

  • Under the Team module, select "Playing Season"

  • Choose the orange "Add Event" button in the upper right hand corner

  • Review the list of athletes displayed. If incorrect, opt to replace with Group or Add Individuals. Adding Individuals is the best option if you have removed the entire roster displayed.

Team Events can also be created from the Team > Roster page in ARMS. Here you can select the individuals participating using the check box to the left of their name in the list and select Add Team Event from the menu button.

Removing Student-Athletes from a Scheduled Event:

  • You can opt to remove the entire roster displayed (and the replace with individuals as described above) or remove select individuals from the participation list.

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