To get started with Comp Tickets, Administration must first enable ticketing for specified sports and configure the ticket settings.

Complimentary Ticket Management will be performed from the Complimentary Tickets page within Department, on the Sport Settings Tab.

Remember, all events available for ticket requests come directly from that sports' Playing Season calendar.

Enabling Ticket Requests

In order for events to display as available for requests, that sport must have Ticket Requests "enabled". In addition to enabling the sport, each ticket request type must be enabled.

  • Click the pencil icon to the right of the Sport name to edit default settings.

  • Click the toggle to the right of Enable Ticketing to "turn on/off"

  • Scroll down the settings card when in edit mode to enable ticket types and manage additional settings.

  • Select the ticket/requestor type from the pick-list menu

  • Remember to SAVE YOUR CHANGES at the top right of the settings card.

Ticket Allocations

Once a sport and ticket types are enabled, you can manage default allocations for the sport. Allocations are managed by ticket requestor type and there are a number of type specific settings.

  • When in edit mode for the sport, scroll to the bottom of the settings card to update ticket allocations by type and additional settings.

  • Remember to SAVE YOUR CHANGES at the top right of the settings card.

Helpful Hint: Ticket allocations and settings can also be managed for an individual event, separate from the Sport Default settings. Check out how to manage Event Level Settings.

Facility Allocations

Optionally, your institution's facilities can be added to ARMS with available sections and the max allocation per section. If a facility is enabled and listed with a saved Event on the Playing Season calendar, ticket requests can be assigned to specified sections.

Guest Ticket Questions

Optionally, custom guest ticket questions can be added. These questions will be asked when a new guest is requested and are about the guest. Questions can be added that display for:

  • All guests, regardless of sport

  • All guests of a specific sport

  • By requestor type (Student-Athlete/Staff/Prospect)

  • Required or Not Required

Note: All guest requests will already require First & Last Name and Relationship type, with Phone & Email as optional fields.

  • All guest questions - add below list of sports in Settings tab

  • Sport Specific guest questions - add at bottom of settings card for the sport

Helpful Hint: Event specific questions can be managed on the specific event in Ticket Management. Check out how to manage Event Level Settings.

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