Inside the ARMS Calendar, you will find the "Itineraries" option.

Creating New Itineraries

Click the "+ New Itinerary" button in the upper right corner of this page to get started.

From here, you will notice a few options to include a specific sport, title the Itinerary, set up the dates, and include a description for viewers.

Note: Unlike calendar events, the start and end date of the Itinerary do NOT need to match when you are creating an itinerary.

Managing Events Within Your Itinerary

Once created, you are brought to the "Itinerary Events" tab of your new event. Here you can manage the day's activities.

Based on the date(s) you set up on the "Add New Itinerary" screen, you will be able to navigate through different views (Full Agenda, Day, Multi-Day, Week, Month - all highlighted RED below)

You will also be able to schedule events within that Itinerary on the same screen, highlighted below in Green, you will see the options to add a new event, copy from a previous event/itinerary, and edit existing details of the current Itinerary. Once created, your events will show on the Itinerary Calendar screen, highlighted BLUE below.

For a quick refresher on creating individual events and adding participants, CLICK HERE.

Within each itinerary, you will have a Travel Party, Travel Documents, File, and History tabs. These can be found highlighted in YELLOW below.

  1. Travel Party - This allows you to denote the attendees associated with the Itinerary.

  2. Travel Documents - This will provide a PDF version of your itinerary.

  3. Files - Allows you to add miscellaneous documents (i.e., menus) to the itinerary

  4. History - Displays all updates made to the itinerary (as well as a record of who made the change and when it was made.

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