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What's New With Questionnaires
What's New With Questionnaires

An overview of new features launched in Spring 2022

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Starting in Spring 2022, we've started rolling out some big updates to Recruiting and Advancement questionnaires. We'll be making these new capabilities available to users over a phased rollout throughout Spring and Summer of 2022.

Manage Your Own Questionnaires

ARMS Questionnaires are fully customizable by coaches and administrators to give you total control of the questions asked, the order of those questions, and the corresponding fields that these questions are mapped to.

Pending/New Questionnaires

ARMS eliminated the Pending Questionnaire page and implemented a "New" recruit status. New questionnaire submissions will appear immediately in your recruits list with a status of "New."

This clearly differentiates prospects who were newly added by completing the questionnaire versus any campers, prospects, targets, etc. already in the recruiting grid, and allows you to filter down to just those New recruits and utilize your custom views to review their information.

Questionnaire Respondents can more easily verify themselves

Previously, a returning questionnaire respondent would have to verify themselves via an email link. Moving forward, they can now verify themselves using standard authentication providers (Google, Twitter, Facebook). They can also receive an SMS Text Message verification code.

Club Teams now searchable

Prospective Student-Athletes can now select their club teams in the same manner they have selected their High School in the past. The search box will display the club teams you have selected to appear, which provides you with the ability to control the club teams they can select from.

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