ARMS allows prospective student-athletes to verify themselves when completing your questionnaire via Outside Authorization. This allows a recruit completing your questionnaire to "sign in" via Google, Facebook, or Twitter to validate who they are. If they are already in your system then we will use that validation to match to their existing profile, pre-fill their answers to the questionnaire based on the data already in the profile, and update their existing profile once they submit the new questionnaire.

If a recruit does not have one of the verified Outside Authorization accounts they can still get to your questionnaire the "old fashioned way" by clicking to "Continue without one of these accounts". Here, we will ask the base information of Name, Grad Year and Email to try and attempt to match to an existing profile in ARMS if they have previously submitted a questionnaire or you as a staff already created their profile. If they do not already exist within your database, we will pop them into the questionnaire, pre-filling the Name, Email and Grad Year, and generate a new profile upon submission of the questionnaire.

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