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Adding, Removing, and Reordering Questions in a Questionnaire
Adding, Removing, and Reordering Questions in a Questionnaire
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To edit your questionnaire, simply click into the Questionnaire Admin screen by clicking "Manage Questions" in the top right corner of the Questionnaire Details screen. The "Manage Questions" button can be found by clicking the name of your questionnaire after selecting the Questionnaires tab within the Recruiting module. Once here you will see the full list of mapped fields available along the left hand side of the screen. You can choose to either scroll through the list of fields to find the one you'd like to add, or utilize the search box just under the Mapped Fields heading and type in the name of the field you are looking for.

The plus sign next to the field means it is currently not on the questionnaire but can be added. The radar icon denotes that the field is currently on the questionnaire, and clicking that icon will take you to the location of that field on the questionnaire.

If you would like to add a new question mapped to a current field to your questionnaire, you can search for the field and hit the "+" to add it to the bottom questionnaire. You can also hold down on the field name and drag it into the position you would like in the questionnaire when adding it.

If the question you want to ask does not currently have a corresponding field in ARMS, you can create a new field to map this question to.

Once added, you have the option to denote this question as "Required" by hitting the asterisk on the left side of the field. When toggled to required, the asterisk will turn red. If the field is not required it will be gray.

If you would like to reorder your questions, simply click on the field name and drag it to the position you would like in the questionnaire.

Finally, if you would like to remove the question from the questionnaire, simply click on the "X" on the right side of the field name and that will remove it moving forward.

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