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Creating a new recruiting "Status" in ARMS
Creating a new recruiting "Status" in ARMS

Dont want to use the default recruit "Status" options? Here you can learn how to create your own status in ARMS!

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In your recruiting database you will notice a STATUS option to sort your recruits off of.

This Status will also be available on every recruit profile. (Either at the top of the profile or at the bottom under the Recruiting tab)


This will give you these default options to select ( Camper, Committed Elsewhere, Do Not Recruit, Offered, Pending Student-Athlete, Prospect, Signee, Target, Verbal Commitment )

This Status is a default Status that all ARMS Schools & Sports use and cannot be edited. You can however create your own to use!

First Step to Creating your own Status

You will want to create a Custom Field. This will allow you to title your new "Status" anything you would like! Once the Custom field is created, it will be available to use on every Recruit profile.

PRO TIP: Use the PICKLIST option to provide a dropdown menu for the new status. This will allow you to build a select designation for the status and it will be a clean look when on the PSA profile as well as searching in the database!

Second Step to Creating your own Status

Once the Custom Field is created, you will want to put it on the list of Recruit Facets to Search on. This will allow you to search just like the current "Status" you see at the top of your Recruit Management Screen already.

PRO TIP: Don't remove the default STATUS until you are completely done with it! If you have "Targets" on the default status that you want to move to "Offered - Targets" on your new status, you will want to keep that status as a facet to make it easier to Bulk Update as needed!

Third Step to Creating your own Status

Now you will be able to customize where the new STATUS will appear on the Recruit profile. By using the CUSTOMIZE VIEW feature in ARMS, you can go to a Recruits profile and include the new Status at the top of the profile so it is one of the first things you see!

Fourth Step to Creating your own Status

This is referenced in Step 2, where you can use the BULK UPDATE feature to populate your new Status on recruit profiles in one easy method. You can do so through the 3 bar menu on the RECRUIT MANAGEMENT screen. This will allow you to change the new status in bulk and sort based on other search filters (maybe the old status if you used it any) to select and update as needed!

PRO TIP: Selecting for Bulk update is limited to the recruits on your screen. Change the "Records per page" in the top left hand corner to the maximum amount of recruits to select as needed!

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