Once a pipeline process has been established in ARMS there are a couple of common launch errors that a user may run into when starting the pipeline.

Missing Assigned/Area Coach: If your evaluation pipeline process includes an Area Coach or Assigned Coach step, the Assigned Coach field should be filled in with the coach's name who is responsible for evaluating the prospect at this step.

To update the assigned coach, scroll down to the Recruiting tab at the bottom of the profile, click the edit button, then select the coach's name from the drop down menu.

Position Not Configured into Pipeline: In order for the pipeline to start, the position that you select has to be configured into the orchestration rules. (what controls the flow of the pipeline) When a position is selected that is not configured into the pipeline you will receive the following error message-


Positions can be added to the database as a result of a recruit import (position in the recruit file doesn't already exist in ARMS so we add it as a new position) or can be manually added by ARMS users. If you have positions added that are not configured into the pipeline we recommend merging the position that doesn't work into one of the existing positions that are configured into the pipeline.

If a position is added to the database that doesn't have an existing position in ARMS for you to merge it with or if you have merged the positions and are still unable to launch the pipeline, please contact our Support Team so we can add a pipeline assignment for the new position.

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