Related Contacts are Constituent Contact profiles in ARMs that are associated to a Recruit. These contacts will be individual profiles that you can associate to Recruits, Student-Athletes, High Schools, Colleges, and Club Teams. They are a great way to organize the people closely related to a recruit and keep all of your information centralized in ARMS.

You will be able to find them on the Recruit's profile in the Relationship Widget

below the Recruit's name. You can also find them on the High School/College or Club Team profile they are associated with. (Check out this link on inferred relationships)

To view all of your Related Contacts, go to the RELATED CONTACTS tab under RECRUITING.

Within each Related Contact profile you will be able to see the Recruits, Student-Athletes, Club Teams, High Schools/College this contact is associated with as well as the ability to edit any personal information or log activities on the contact such as calls or emails.

You will be able to add these relationships to the recruits profile on your end manually or through a Recruit Import.

Recruits can also provide their Related Contacts by filling out a recruiting questionnaire that will ask for their Mother, Father, High School Coach, Club Team Coach, Guidance Counselor, etc. information. Once the recruit questionnaire has been submitted, this information will create the Related Contact profile(s) in ARMS for you to reference.

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