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Four Year Colleges in ARMS
Four Year Colleges in ARMS

How to manage 4 Year College Transfer Recruits in our College Database

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ARMS has a comprehensive database of all Four Year Colleges in the US. This database will allow you to associate transfer recruits with Four Year Colleges that they are planning on attending or, that they are transferring from. 

This database will be located in the Recruiting Module under the High Schools & Colleges tab. 

Once in the database, you will have the ability to select between the different school types, use the search filters of School Location and Assigned Coach, & use the search bar in the top right hand corner to find the College you are looking for.

Inside the School's profile you will be able to see Contact Information, add PSA's and Staff to the school, Log Visits, and make notes in regards to the school.


On the Recruit profile you will see fields under the Recruiting Tab that correspond with Transfer Recruits as well. Here you will be able to designate the Recruit Type, add the College Attended, add Projected Enrollment Year, and add Projected Enrollment Term to the recruit's profile. All of these fields will be separate from the fields that are similarly held for High School and Junior College information. 

These fields will be available to select from in Recruit Facets, Custom Views, Layouts, & Exports as well.

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