The Phone Cross Check process is fully integrated inside of ARMS.  To locate the Phone Cross Check area of the system, click into the Compliance module and go to the Phone Cross Check page.

Uploading Phone Records

First, review the guidelines for acceptable cross check files. As long as you are using a carrier generated export spreadsheet you should be able to simply upload the files. The data import tool is built to interpret the file read the file as is, so you do not need to make any manipulations to the phone records.

In the top right corner you can click "Upload Phone Records" and load up any .xls or .csv file you have for review.  Simply click the button, upload the file, and your phone records will be imported into ARMS.

You can click on the "Submitted Files" tab to track the progress of the import, or see which files have previously been imported.

Reviewing the Cross Check Summary

The summary view will give you a 30,000 foot view of all of the coaches and staff members who have recruiting phone calls associated with the imported files.  You can filter to review only coaches with potential violations, or narrow down by sport, staff member or date range to get a quick highlight of their activites.

Reviewing the Phone Record Details

The phone record details will give you a view of every phone call imported in, outlining who the initiated the call and which coaches, recruits or athletes were associated with the call.  

What does Maybe mean?
If an activity in the phone record details page says "Maybe" that means that the phone number was formerly associated with the recruit but is no longer tied to their profile.  This could occur if the PSA's phone number was updated in their profile or deleted all together.

Removing Association
If a phone number should no longer be associated with a prospect and is denoted as "Maybe: PSA" you can remove that association in line with the activity in the phone record details.  

Exclusions give you the ability to denote that a relationship between a staff member and a PSA should be excluded from review in the compliance cross check function.  This traditionally occurs when a staff member has a son or daughter that is listed inside the prospect database.  You can exclude the calls between the coach and PSA so that potential violations do not appear in the system.

Inferred Exclusions
If a PSA and a Staff Member have the same street address associated with their profiles ARMS will automatically create an inferred exclusion so that you do not have to manually create this exclusion.  

Managing Violations

All phone calls will be imported as activities in the system.  This will create the record associated with a recruit's profile and run the ARMS recruiting rules engine against those activities.  Any potential violations will appear in the "Recruiting Violations" screen of the compliance module.

Searching by Phone Number

We know that sometimes you don't know if a specific contact or recruit is in ARMS, but you do know what they're phone number is and that you need to review if any coaches or staff members have reached out to that individual.  Inside the Phone Records tab you can now search by phone number to see any matches between institutional staff members and that number.

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