Setting Up Your Staff

The staff assigned to your sport in ARMS receive a log in account and have access to view/edit data, as defined by site permissions. Additionally, any staff associated with your sport can be defined as an Assigned Coach for recruits, can optionally be included on team texts, and can be utilized as an email sender/reply to contact.

Department Customers

Your staff data is provided to ARMS from the primary Department contact. To add additional staff, please have your Administrator add them via the Security page in the Administration module.

Individual Sport Customers

Your initial staff list should be sent to the ARMS Support Team for import. Please send an excel sheet to with the following information:

  • Name

  • Title

  • Email

  • Mobile Phone Number (optional - to be included on team texts)

Once your initial staff list has been imported, any future change requests can be sent directly to

Importing/Adding Your Data


There are 3 Options for adding your prospects to the ARMS Database.

  • Import from a saved spreadsheet or export from an existing provider

  • Manually add directly in ARMS

  • Use the online Recruiting Questionnaire

Please refer to the Adding Recruits into ARMS article.


Please refer to the Adding Rosters and New Student-Athletes article.

Managing Positions (or individual events)

Assigning a position or event to an athlete in ARMS is a great tool to help organize your data, find certain groups of prospects, and useful for skill evaluations.

Often, positions are created via imported information, but can be managed manually through the Administration module.

  • Click on the page for Sport

  • Click on the Positions tab

  • Here you can Add New positions, Merge duplicate positions, and/or Rename imported positions.

Managing Sport Specific Fields

ARMS provides each sport their own set of fields to store prospect and student-athlete data, some of those being sport specific. However, you have the option to create as many additional fields as needed to save additional details about contacts in your database.

These custom fields a created and managed in the Administration module.

  • Click on the page for Sport

  • Click on the tab for Recruit or SA Fields

  • Here you can Add New, Edit or Delete fields.

For more information about custom fields, please refer to the Creating Custom Fields article.

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