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ARMS Process Roles provide necessary access to individual workflow forms built in ARMS. This can be anything from the ability to approve a step to viewing information on a submitted form.

Process Roles differ from Access Roles. Access Roles define the functions and pages within ARMS that a user has access to, whereas Process Roles define their role within the many processes that occur in the department. For instance, many users may share the same common Access Role (ie: Departmental Administrator) but have varying Process Roles (ie: Academics, Financial Aid, Facilities, SID).

Assigning Process Roles to an ARMS User

Process Roles are assigned directly on the ARMS User’s profile via the Process Roles widget. The Security Page in Administration will provide a view of all Process Roles and the Users assigned to each role. Related Article: Creating Process Roles

Helpful Hint: An ARMS User can have multiple assigned Process Roles and the same Process Role can be assigned to multiple ARMS Users.

Roles can be “Sport Specific” in the event a user should only approve forms for specific sport. Example: The Football Athletic Trainer should only approve Insurance Forms for athletes on the Football roster.

ARMS is happy to assist in the setup and management of these roles. Just ask!

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