Module: Recruiting

Page: Recruit Profile

Coaches and administrators can request Complimentary Tickets for recruits listed in ARMS by clicking on the ticket icon in the upper right-hand corner of the recruit's profile.

From there, requestors can:

  • Select which upcoming event the recruit will be requesting tickets for;

  • Associate an existing or new Unofficial or Official Visit with the ticket request; and

  • Add guest information.

Note: Your Compliance Office may require that an Official or Unofficial visit is logged before requesting complimentary tickets. If you are required to log a visit, you can click on the "New Official Visit" or "New Unofficial Visit" button to launch the respective workflow to log the visit.

The first ticket request will always be the recruit. A requestor can then list the guest(s) that will be accompanying the recruit to the game from the Guest # dropdown list.

Note: The Guest # dropdown will pre-populate the relationships listed on the recruit's profile.

From there, the requestor can choose an existing relationship as the recruit's guest or add a new guest.

Pro Tip: If a requestor does not know who will be accompanying the recruit to the event, the requestor should select Unnamed Guest to reserve a ticket for the recruit's guest.

Once all of the guests have been added; click Save to finalize your ticket request.

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