Module: Recruiting
Page: Pending Questionnaires

Questionnaires completed by individuals that are not part of the recruit database will be stored in Pending Questionnaires. ARMS matches individuals already in your database using the First Name, Last Name and Email Address provided in Step 1 of the questionnaire.

Viewing Responses

You can view questionnaire responses by clicking on the name of the individual to highlight the row. The questionnaire and all provided answers will be displayed below the list of Pending Questionnaires.

Adding Responses/Contacts to ARMS

You can add submissions in Pending Questionnaires as new recruits to the database or merge with an existing contact. To add or merge the account, click Add a Recruit to the left of the contact's name. You will be provided with a window to Add as a New Recruit or select an existing name in the recruit database to merge the contact with.

The merge option and save button are located at the top of the form, highlighted in orange.

Note: When merging contacts, new information provided in the questionnaire will replace existing information in the recruit's profile. The option to merge is not available with the Bulk Add option.

Bulk Adding Responses/Contacts to ARMS

Select the individuals to be added as new contacts to your database by either checking the box to the left of each name, or selecting all on the page by checking the box to the left of “Action” at the top of the list. Once the individuals are selected, choose Bulk Add Recruits from the action menu located at the top, right of the list. A status must be selected, i.e. Prospect, which will be assigned to all individuals added.

Helpful Hint: When you bulk add new prospects from Pending Questionnaires, assign them to a group by typing in a group name in the space available. This will allow you to find everyone you recently added grouped together.

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