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Page: Questionnaires

The ARMS Support Team is happy to build custom questionnaires for your individual sport program or you can use one of our default, sport specific questionnaires.

If you provide a custom questionnaire, the order of fields and content is completely up to you. We do recommend that you keep your questionnaire brief and simple, allowing you to maximize the number of responses. Please send all questionnaire requests to

The ARMS Support Team will ensure that all fields are mapped back to a field within the recruit's profile. This will save you time from sifting through completed questionnaires, looking for specific responses. And remember, there is no limit on the number of questionnaires you can configure!

How do I preview my questionnaire?

Using the public URL (the one that is displayed on your University's athletic website), you can complete the questionnaire as if you were the PSA.

Can I change the default questionnaire?

Absolutely! Just send your requested changes to the ARMS Support Team at

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