Module: Team
Page: Roster

Bulk outbound texts can be sent to the Student-Athlete Roster from ARMS on the Web or the ARMS Coach mobile app. Bulk texting through ARMS is one-way communication, meaning that recipients cannot reply to the text.

Texting from the Web

From the Team module:

  • Click on the page for Rosters

  • Check the box to the left of the athletes to receive the text

  • Select Send Text from the menu at the top of the list

  • Staff can optionally be included on Team Texts

  • Only Athletes and Staff with a mobile number on their profile will receive the text

Texting from the ARMS Coach App

From the Team Management page, found by clicking the 3 bar icon located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen:

  • Tap the Action Button at the top, right of the screen (box with arrow icon)

  • Tap Send Text

From the Team Roster page:

  • Tap the Menu button at the top, right of the screen (3 dots in a row)

  • Tap Send Roster SMS

Texting from the mobile app will allow you to send to the active roster or saved manual/smart groups.

What Number are Texts sent from?

The outbound number for team texts can be found in ARMS on the web. From the Administration module:

  • Click your Sport

  • Click the tab for SMS

  • Here your outbound number will display and you have the option to enter a Signature to be included on all texts.

  • This number is also displayed at the top of the modal before sending the text.

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