All questions within a questionnaire have to be mapped to either an ARMS Standard Field or a Custom Field. When you add the field to the questionnaire you will have the ability to edit the "Field Label" and the "Instructions" for the question that maps to that field. The Field Label is how the question will display on the questionnaire, and the instructions will appear below the field label to elaborate on any specifics you want to include for the recruit completing the questionnair.

By default the "Field Label" will be the name of the field. If you wanted to use your custom field "Favorite Ninja Turtle" you can find it in my list of available fields and hit the plus sign next to it to add it to my questionnaire.

To edit the Field Label and Instructions, you can click on the field within the questionnaire to open up the field settings. From here, you can update the Field Label and the Instructions and also denote whether you want the field to be required or optional on the questionnaire. When you are editing you will see the Field Label and Instructions change in line with other questions in the questionnaire so you will be able to see how it will appear to the recruit completing the questionnaire.

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