All questionnaires have the ability to utilize a "Club Teams" and "Tournaments" field that maps directly to your recruiting database for those specific areas. When you create/import Club Teams and Tournaments you have the option to select whether you want them to show up on your questionnaires. This will allow you to keep your database clean by giving the recruits an option to search through the Club Teams or Tournaments that you have already input into ARMS.

Similar to the High School search field, the recruit will be able to submit a new team if they cannot find theirs inside the search box, and this will go into a pending state for you to review and determine if you want to add to the database.

To manage what appears on the questionnaire you can go to the Club Teams or Tournaments page and check the box in the "Display on Questionnaire" column. If the check mark is green the team/event will show up in the questionnaire. If the check box is gray the team/event will remain in the database for your purposes but will not appear as an option for the recruit to select when they are completing the questionnaire.

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