As a single sport user, you have the ability to make a group of staff members. You can do this by going to ADMINISTRATION > selecting SPORT > and clicking into your sport.

From within your sport, you will be directed to your staff list where you will be able to select members of your current staff to group together.

Once those staff members are selected, click ADD TO GROUP and you will be able to designate those staff members to an existing group, or create a new group using the button in the top right hand corner.

The Search bar on this screen allows you to search your staff groups (if you end up creating so many it is hard to scroll and find).

Once the group has been created and those staff members have been allocated to that group, you can find this group under TEAM > GROUPS & SEARCHES > Staff Groups.

Now this group will be able to be found for creating calendar events/itineraries, sending chat messages via the computer or mobile app, and be able to send emails as well.

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