You can customize your calendar views and create an unlimited amount of calendars to see the events occurring within your athletic department. To create a new calendar, navigate to the Calendar -> My Calendar page, and click in the "Add Additional Calendars" box.

Once inside this menu you can either add an existing calendar or select Create a New Calendar.

When you create a new calendar, a menu will open to walk you through building the new calendar.

The first thing you'll do is name the calendar, select the color you want it to display as, and give the calendar a description.

After that, you can determine if the calendar should be for All Sports that you have access to, or a specific subset of sports.

The Display Events Based On section allows you to choose between All Events that meet your chosen criteria, My Events meeting the criteria, My Student-Athletes' Events, or Student-Athlete or Recruit Birthdays.

Once you have determined the criteria of the events, you can then select the Event Types you want to appear in the calendar. For this example we've chosen all Official and Unofficial Visits occurring for All Sports that we have access to.

You can choose between all Recruiting, Team, or Other event types when building out your calendar.

You can also choose to limit the events that appear on the calendar based on specific facilities that are selected.

Finally, you can configure permissions for sharing this calendar. By default, you will be set as the "Manager" permission for the calendar, which allows you to view and update the settings. You can also select whether you want other staff members and student-athletes to have Viewer access (can only see the calendar) or Manager access like you have.

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