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Complimentary Tickets - Deleting a Requested Ticket
Complimentary Tickets - Deleting a Requested Ticket

How to delete a requested ticket grouping in Comp Tickets

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Deleting a requested ticket grouping is managed by users with access to view and edit event ticket requests from the Complimentary Ticket page in ARMS.

When a requested ticket is deleted, all guests associated with the ticket request will be removed if applicable. Editing guests can be completed by the requestor from the modal where the original request was made until the event Window Closes.

Deleting Requested Tickets

From the Department module

  • Click the page for Complimentary Tickets

  • Click the event you would like to update from the Events tab

  • On the Tickets tab, search by name or available filters to find the ticket request group you would like to remove.

  • Click Edit to the right of the request

  • There will be an option to Delete on the lower left of the request modal.

Important! Deleting the request will delete ALL associated guests with the request. If only the guest(s) need to be modified, the user should update the guests in the request and Save rather than delete.

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