Sometimes workflows are started but due to a staff change or canceled event, the form no longer needs to be reviewed but is needed for record purposes. When this occurs, System Administrators can "Stop" the form.

Stopping the form, will remove the form from a user's "Needs My Attention" queue and list the form as approved.

Stopping an Individual Workflow

  • Open the details of the workflow that is no longer needed, either by clicking the name of the form OR by clicking "View".

  • On the left panel, under the Process Flow, there will be a black square icon. Click this icon to stop.

Bulk Stopping Workflows

  • Using the available filters, filter to the set of workflows that should be stopped. E.g. filter on Status "Initial Submission"

  • Check the box for all workflows that should be stopped. Checking the box at the top of the column will select all in view.

  • From the menu button at the top, right of the list select "Bulk Update" and select the option for "Stop Workflows"

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