Inside of "My Calendar" you have the able to layer different calendars you have access to on your daily, weekly or monthly view. There are two ways to add a calendar view into the list of selected calendars.

The first way is to utilize the "Add Another Calendar" search box below the list of your "Selected Calendars."

This allows you to search any pre-built calendars, such as "Baseball Team Events" or "Football Recruit Birthdays."

The second way is to utilize the "View Calendar Of" search box above the selected calendars. This gives you the ability to search by any staff member, student-athlete or recruit in the system to view their calendared events.

Helpful Tip: You can also search for a specific group in the "View Calendar Of" search box, so if you need to see when your pitchers and catchers are all free you can search that group and see all SAs tied to that groups' events.

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