When creating events on the calendar in ARMS, you can use previously saved groups as the event Participants. Creating and using groups as participants allow you to

  • Quickly add the same individuals to events

  • Automatically update future events when the group is modified

  • View availability for individuals within the group

Groups can be created for Recruiting, Team, and Department. For more information on creating groups, check out the Groups help article.

Helpful Hint: ARM systematically creates Active Roster and Entire Roster groups for each team.

Adding a Group as Event Participants

To add a group as event participants, the group must first be created and saved. When the event modal is open, participants including both groups and individuals are added in the space available on the right.

The search box is a type-ahead to look up all groups and individuals you have access to. Your most recently used groups or individuals will appear first.

Removing Individuals from a Group Participant List

For Groups, you will notice an expand icon as well as an "X". The "X" will allow you to remove the group as a whole.

The expand icon will allow you to view the list of individuals within the group to remove.

Note: Once the group has been expanded and a member of the group has been removed, the event will no longer use the "group" as the participant list. They will all be individuals on the event

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