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Time Management Plan (TMP) Configuration

How to define the minimum lead time required for CARA edits

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Institutions that have adopted NCAA's "Opt-In Legislation" for tracking Time Management Plans (TMP) can set the minimum lead time required to edit or add new CARA events to the calendar in ARMS.

By setting a minimum lead time for a sport, warnings can be issued for those event changes that could result in a violation to the institution's TMP policy.

Setting the Lead Time

The minimum lead time for each sport is configured within the Time Management module of ARMS.

  • From the sub-menu in Time Management, select Settings

  • Click the tab for "Time Management Plans"

  • Enter the minimum lead time (in hours) that would result in a violation to the team's TMP


When a CARA event is added or edited that would be in violation of the TMP minimum lead time set, the user will be prompted and required to enter a "Reasoning" before the event can be Saved.

Once the event is saved, the Event details and Reasoning will be displayed in the Compliance module on the CARA Issues page for review. The event will also be flagged with a CARA Warning on the Team's Playing Season page.

Pro Tip: ARMS Support can setup automated emails to be delivered to a specified ARMS User or Process Role by Sport with the event details and reasoning when in violations of the sport's TMP. Email with your request to setup.

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