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Who is included in the "Active Roster" Group?
Who is included in the "Active Roster" Group?

Active Roster is a System Group generated by ARMS.

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All sports have access to an "Active Roster" group, which is a system group created by ARMS for each Academic Year.

The "Active Roster" group includes the following Roster Statues:

  • Official Roster

  • Unofficial Roster

These groups can be used to add participants to events and used for Team Communication.

Helpful Hint: If your sport or university would like to include different Roster Statues to be part of the Active Roster group, please reach out to with the status you'd like included.

If you would like to create a custom group with other specified Roster Statuses and/or specified athletes (e.g. all pitchers and catchers), please reference the help article for creating Groups.

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