When trying to remove a participant from an event, you will be able to view your participants list in the top right hand corner of the event details.

Listed will be any Student-Athletes, Staff Members, Recruits, or Groups associated with this event. When you highlight over them, you will notice an "X" to remove.

Individual Participants

Group Participants

For GROUPS, you will notice an expand icon as well as an "X". The "X" will allow you to remove the group as a whole.

The expand icon will allow you to change the list from a group, to listing all participants as individuals rather than as part of a group.

You can remove participants that were added as part of a group by:

  • Expanding the group to a list of individuals, or

  • Clicking the down arrow to the left of the group name to show the full list

  • Highlighting the name will display the "X" icon and allow you to remove the individual.

Note: if you remove a participant that is still part of a manual group being used, you will be prompted with a question about that participant's status within the group.

Additional Information:

  • If a profile is removed from a group that is listed for a future event, the individual removed will also be removed from the future event(s) where the group is used.

  • If an athlete is removed from the roster, Compliance will have the option to remove this Student-Athlete from all future events via the Make Roster Change modal.

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