For all Division 1 institutions, ARMS has the Civic Engagement Day legislation built into the rules engine for election day. On Civic Engagement Day teams are barred from all CARA activities and a violation will be flagged for any events denoted as CARA on the team's calendar on that date.

It is permissible for institutions to have RARA or Non-Countable activities on these dates (such as travel, athletic training appointments, etc.), so those activity types will not create violations on Civic Engagement Day.

If the Civic Engagement Day falls within a non-championship or championship segment for your sports and you want to utilize that day to reduce the day count for the team then you must add election day as a vacation day for your institution. This will allow ARMS to leverage the playing season count logic properly to reduce the day count (above the required one off-day automatically calculated per week within a championship or championship segment).

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