When in the web version of ARMS, you will be able to send in-app Chat messages to Student-Athletes and Staff members as well as see any previous conversations you have already had.

For Sending to Student-Athletes, you can go to:




To select the Student-Athletes you want to chat.

(below is from Team > Roster)

For Sending to Staff Members, you can go to:


to select those staff members to Chat as well

Hint: You can also go within any of the Student-Athlete or Staff Groups to in-app Chat as well!

Once you select SEND CHAT, you will be directed to a screen to include any other individual users/groups on that chat

Once you have everyone added, hit NEXT in the top right hand corner to build out your Chat!

When building out the chat, you will notice that you can attach Documents/Files/Photos to this chat for users to click into and view

Finally, you can also create a new chat from scratch or see and previous conversations you had by selecting the 2 bubbles in the top right hand corner of your screen!

Here you can select the + symbol in the top right hand corner to create a new message from scratch as well as click into previous conversations to continue chatting.

At the bottom you will notice 2 icons to toggle between Chats and Announcements. Announcements will have Read-Receipts on them for you to verify who opened your message.

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