Module: Department

Page: Complimentary Tickets, Sport Settings

Each sport in ARMS has a "Public Request Site" that can be used to allow high school coaches, groups, and recruits to request complimentary tickets for upcoming events.

The external ticket request URL and configuration of the ticket window/allocations can be viewed from the Department -> Complimentary Tickets -> Sport Settings tab.

Once on the Sport Settings tab:

  • The Public Request Site will be listed underneath the Public Request Settings.

  • The ticket window and allocations can be updated from the Role-based Default Settings for: section.

From the Role-based Default Settings for: section, you will be able to enable external requests for each role, determine the ticket window and how many tickets they can request.

Once ticket requests have been enabled for external requests, outside entities will be able to request tickets through the link listed as the sport's Public Request Site.

Pro Tip: The Complimentary Ticket Link can be embedded in outbound emails by clicking on the Comp Ticket Link button in the Compose Email Modal.

Check out this article to see how the request process looks like for an external request.

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