Complimentary Tickets - Guest Questions

Creating custom questions about newly requested guest by sport.

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Guest Questions can be created to be asked of all guests regardless of sport or requestor type, or they may be defined more specifically to specified sports and/or types of requestors.

Guest questions are only asked once, during the first initial request of a new guest. Examples of guest questions would be, "Does this guest require ADA seating?", "Has this guests ever worked as a sports agent?"

For event specific questions, such as "Will this guest need a field pass?", check out the article on Ticket Questions.

Guest questions are configured within the Department module on the Guest-Specific Questions tab.

New, custom questions can be added on this page using the "Add New Question" button.

Guest questions can be available for all guests regardless of sport or requestor type by leaving all selections blank OR can be applied to only specific sport events/requesting types by making the appropriate selections.

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