ARMS allows you to set the default complimentary ticket allocation for staff members based on their role within that staff. You can set home and away default allocations for the following roles:

  • Head Coach

  • Assistant Coach

  • Volunteer Coach

  • Graduate Assistant

  • Managers

  • Other Sport Staff (same sport)

  • Department Staff (associated with the sport)

  • Other Department Staff (not associated with the sport)

To update these settings go to the Department -> Complimentary Tickets -> Sport Settings tab, click on the sport you want to update, and flip the "Role-based Default Settings for:" drop down menu to "Staff." This will give you a grid to complete the default allocations for each role.

Once you have set the defaults, you can click on the "Sport Staff List" hyperlink above the grid, or go to Administration -> Sport page to review your staff list.

If anyone is configured with the wrong role in the "Type" column, simply click "Edit" in the "Actions" column and a drop down menu will appear to switch their Staff Type which will automatically update their default allocations for all upcoming competitions.

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