The first step is to ensure that you have GIA and COA Codes with default values configured in your Financial Aid Settings.

Once you have added the requisite GIA and COA Codes into ARMS, from either the Team -> Roster or Department -> Student-Athletes Page you can select the Student-Athletes you want to update, go into the Action Menu in the top right corner, and select "Bulk Update."

From this menu you can update the GIA Code or COA Code and select the code you want to utilize to update the Student-Athletes. This will set their GIA or COA Code and also update their GIA or COA maximum value based off of the default for that code.

Once you have configured the GIA and COA codes/values for your student-athletes, you can utilize the same "Bulk Update" option to select the "Equivalency Denominator" for the selected student-athletes. This will determine whether their equivalency is based on the GIA max value or their COA max value.*

*Note: The Revenue Distribution column in the squad list will always be based on the GIA Max value.

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