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Individual Additional Off-Day Report
Individual Additional Off-Day Report
Report denoting how many additional off-days each student-athlete received during an academic year
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Module: Team

Page: Playing Season

Depending on your access role, ARMS Users can export the additional off-days student-athletes had during the academic year. The Individual Additional Off-Day Report can be pulled from the:

  • Team Module;

  • Playing Season tab;

  • Data Exports; and

  • Clicking on Individual Student-Athlete Off-Days

The off-days listed in the export are calculated by looking at an individual student-athlete's participation (or lack thereof) on any CARA/RARA event daily. If no CARA/RARA activity is listed for a student-athlete on a specific day, we will consider the day as an "Off Day" and use the off-day logic for the segment to determine if it is a required off-day or an additional off-day.

  • The "Total Additional Days Off" header - is a tally of the number of additional off-days provided to a student-athlete.

  • The "Off Day Description" - will denote the type of off-day being provided.

If a student-athlete is added to the roster after certification, their additional off-day count will start from the date they joined the team.

Note: For in-season sports, off-days provided during a vacation period can be toggled as "Reduce Season Count" off-day OR as an "Additional Off Day." If the off-day listed on the playing season tab is listed as a "Reduce Season Count" off-day, the off-day description listed on the Individual Student-Athlete export will match the off-day type listed on the calendar.

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