Module: Administration

Page: Department, Staff Field

Similar to student-athlete, recruit and constituent custom fields, system administrators can add custom fields to store/track additional information about ARMS Users.

Staff custom field can be created from the Administration module:

  • Click on the Department page

  • Click on Staff Fields

  • Click on "Add Custom Staff Field"

Note: when adding the first custom field, you will need to click on the "Be the First to Add One!" button to add a new custom field.

Once you have clicked on Add Custom Field, you will be prompted to provide the field's:

  • Name - how the custom field will be listed on the staff member's profile; and

  • Type - determines how the information will be entered.

    • Textbox - a free-form text field,

    • Textarea - a paragraph field,

    • Picklist - a drop-down list of options to select from,

    • Link - a URL field,

    • Read-Only - can only be updated via an import,

    • Date - a calendar field

    • Numeric - only allows numbers to be entered into the field

After the custom field has been added, the custom field will be listed underneath the "Recruiter" field on the staff member's profile and can be added as a search facet on the Department-> School Directory page.

Click here for information about using staff custom fields as search facets.

Note: Staff custom fields are not year-specific.

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