In response to the NCAA Division 1 Council's legislative waiver on March 17th, ARMS has updated the default out of segment legislation for all sports other than football.

The full language of the waiver is outlined below, but the updated CARA rules went into effect on March 22nd and allow for 10 hours of CARA outside of a declared segment, of which 8 hours can be physical activities and 4 hours can be coach led skills.

Waiver of Out-of-Season Activities Legislation – Sports Other than Football.

The Council approved a waiver of Bylaw (weekly hour limitations – outside of the playing season), in sports other than football, to permit institutions to increase, from eight to 10 hours, the weekly limit on out-of-season countable athletically related activities. The additional two hours of countable athletically related activities may be spent on team meetings and film review. The waiver will provide additional opportunities for student-athletes to engage in noncontact activities with their teams outside the playing season while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict their normal activities on campus. The waiver is effective beginning Monday, March 22. The Council approved a similar waiver for football during its February 17 meeting.

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