In the Time Management module under the CARA Approval tab, you will be able to see the settings for each sport's individual CARA Log Submission and Approval process.

On this screen you will be able to assign CARA Logs for early submission. This Ad Hoc CARA Log Checkpoint feature will allow you to give coaches the ability to submit events prior to the scheduled "Due Date" of their CARA Logs.

To make these events available to submit by coaches (instead of having to wait for the original due date) select the green "ASSIGN LOG NOW" button under the Coach column.

Once clicked, that box will show that the CARA Log is being assigned out and those events will be ready for review by the Coach.

Once assigned, it will show you that the CARA Log Due Date has been switched to today

Now coaches will be able to submit all Events between their last CARA Log and today for Compliance to review.

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