ARMS can import your teams' competition schedule to the corresponding Playing Season/Team Calendar in bulk, annually. In order to have this information imported, the following requirements must be met. Additional guidelines are provided below as well.

Data Assumptions:

  • ARMS will cap all Competitions at 3 hours of participation, regardless of end time of event.

  • ARMS will associate the current active roster as participants on the event.

  • Event type of "Competition" will be used unless otherwise provided in the import.

Data Requirements:

  • Competition schedule must be provided in spreadsheet format (.xls/.csv)

  • Each column must include a header to define where the data will be imported

  • Date of Event: (if multi-day, include a separate row/date for each day of the series)

  • Start Time of Event: (if double header, include a separate row/time for each event start; if start time is left blank, start time will import as midnight)

  • Opponent:

  • Home/Away: Home, Away, or Neutral

Additional Information (optional):

  • Competition Type: Competition, Competition - Exempt, Competition - JV, Competition - Post Season, Competition - Scrimmage

  • Facility: Name of Facility as configured in ARMS

  • Sport: If providing more than one sport in a sheet

The following template can be used for import or as a guideline: Competition_Import_Template

Helpful Hint: Wait until your current roster is updated in ARMS prior to sending competitions for import. This will allow the correct participants to be associated with the imported events.

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