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Student-Athletes: Submitting a Workflow
Student-Athletes: Submitting a Workflow
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Module: My ARMS
Page: Workflow Launchpad

The Workflow Launchpad lists all of the workflows that you can start. Workflows are only available to those with the appropriate Process Role giving access to "launch" the form. If you don't see a Workflow that you're expecting to see, contact your ARMS Administrator or someone in the Compliance office.

A Workflow can be submitted for request/approval by clicking the name, completing all required fields, and submitting.

Where does the Workflow go once submitted?

All workflow follow a "Process Flow" as defined by your ARMS Administrator. This process flow is always available to review on the left, and it displays the full process flow as well as what has been completed so far.

Helpful Hint: All submitted workflows will send an email notification as each step in the form is completed. You can view the status of your submitted forms from the Forms Hub, "My Submitted Forms" tab.

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