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Recruits Completing Questionnaires for the Incorrect Sport
Recruits Completing Questionnaires for the Incorrect Sport
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If you coach multiple sports, recruits may occasionally complete the incorrect questionnaire. When they do so, this leads to the recruit going into the incorrect sport's database. If this scenario occurs, we can assist you in moving the recruit's profile to a different sport.

Moving a Recruit to Another Sport

If a recruit needs to be moved from one sport to another (Ex: Cross Country to Track & Field), please email us at and we can move the recruit to the correct sport.

Note: A pending questionnaire must first be added as a recruit before the recruit can be moved to another sport.

Helpful Hint: If you store all recruits for the sports that you coach within a single sport's database, you will want to make sure that only questionnaires associated with the correct sport are linked on your athletic website. If you notice that recruits seem to be completing the incorrect questionnaires frequently, it may be because they are accessing the questionnaires through your website. You can contact your SID to remove certain questionnaires from the website if necessary.

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