In your squad list you will notice the # Years Rec'd Aid column:

This column is calculated from the sum of two places on the Student-Athletes profile. The number of years with Athletic Aid and the field "Previous Number of Years Receiving Aid". Both are described below.

Number of Years on Athletic Aid

You will be able to track Financial Aid Data within ARMS for each of the Roster Members and the Academic Years they are on the roster. (Click here to get started on tracking Financial Aid in ARMS)

Once the Financial Aid is associated with the SA, you will be able to find it on their profile under the Financial Aid Widget. Here it will list the Financial Add details for the SA for each year provided. For the Squad list, we will only be counting years with Athletic Aid given to the SA.

This will allow you to keep count of the # of years a SA has received aid during their time on a roster within ARMS.

Previous Number of Years Receiving Aid

The "Previous Number of Years Receiving Aid" field is a way to designate years of receiving aid outside of ARMS (transfers who have received aid in previous years that would not be in ARMS to mark). This field can be found under the Compliance tab at the bottom of the SA profile.

An example of when to use this is a transfer that received aid for a semester at a previous institution. In this situation you would mark this field as .5 (shown above) because the SA has .5 previous years receiving aid on a roster outside of ARMS.


This count on the Squad List is the SUM of those two, so if you provide a SA with 3 previous years of Financial Aid Data in the Financial Aid widget and then update the "Previous Number of Years Receiving Aid" to 3 as well, your total on the Squad List will be 6 (3+3=6).

Understanding both will allow you to correctly calculate the # Years Rec'd Aid on the Squad list for your entire team no matter if they are a 6th year senior of a Graduate Transfer.

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