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How are additional off days calculated?
How are additional off days calculated?
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ARMS has built in the logic to automatically determine if an Off Day added to the calendar should count towards the sport's "Additional Off Day" count. This logic is only applied for institutions/sports that have opted into the additional off day requirements of the autonomy legislation.

What should a coach do?

Coaches only need to utilize the "Add Off Day" function on their playing season page.''

What Is the Logic Applied?

For any off day added to the playing season during the academic year that is in excess of the legislated requirement for that week (1 Off Day during the Championship of Non-Championship Segment, 2 Off Days outside of a declared segment, or 0 Off Days during the Postseason or Preseason) the off day will automatically be denoted as an "Additional Off Day."

If the "Additional Off Day" falls within a declared segment but is also on a vacation period date, then the coach has the option to either use that date as an additional off day or use it to "Reduce the Total Day Count" which will reduce their segment length by one.

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