Utilizing Related Contact Tags

Using Tags in the Related Contacts database to group together Contacts

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Within the Related contacts database you will notice a section on the left hand side titled TAG. This section is where you will be able to use identifying tags to separate the Recruit Related Contacts in your database.

You can associate Tags with Contact profiles by clicking into their profile, and editing the RECRUITING RELATIONSHIP TAGS field under the "Constituent Snapshot" section at the top of the profile.

Once you type in the Tag you want to use, hit the TAB button on your keyboard to lock the Tag in (That way you can associate multiple Tags with a profile). Once entered in it will be moved above the textbox to verify.

Once the profile is saved, you will be able to go back to the Related Contacts tab to view this Tag to click into and sort off of.


We can also include Tags on Related Contacts imports in bulk. If you send an excel file of the Related Contacts to help@armssoftware.com, we can include them in a Tag as well. Just let us know the Tag(s) you would like to use!

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