ARMS is constantly working to improve functionality, respond to customer feedback, and create new innovations that you may not have even imagined possible. This process is fluid and dependent on a wide range of factors, and accordingly we do not publish roadmaps with specific release dates.

Suggested features and improvements are tracked in our collaborative "feature request tracking system," and product managers review these requests on a regular basis.

How to ask for a feature or improvement

Simply email us at with your requests and ideas. Your request will be initially reviewed by a member of our Customer Success team who may reach out with additional questions to develop a further understanding of what you're trying to achieve. In some cases, there may be alternative ways to accomplish your goal that already exist in ARMS!

When providing your feedback, please structure your feedback in the following ways:

  • Break out multiple requests into individual items so we can categorize them individually in our tracking system. You can include them in a single email, but a bulleted list of requests is greatly appreciated!

  • Let us know how this feature or improvement would make your experience in ARMS better or why the absence of this feature is currently making your experience difficult.

  • Let us know how important this feature is to you. A simple way to look at is:

Nice to Have



It would be cool if ARMS had it, but it's not the end of the world.

It would make your experience better in a substantive way.

The absence of this feature is absolutely killing you!

  • Please be honest and realistic about how important the feature is to you as it helps us truly evaluate the prioritization. You don't have to say it's critical to have your voice heard!

How we choose what to implement

There are a number of factors that affect how we choose what to implement in ARMS, including:

  • CUSTOMER FEEDBACK - there are many ways we listen to your feedback, including individual requests as described above, stakeholder group brainstorming sessions, and meet-ups at annual conventions and conferences.

  • SUPPORT TEAM INSIGHTS - our Customer Success team uses ARMS all day long and as a result they know which features are most impactful and common among users.

  • INDUSTRY CHANGES - at times our product schedule is impacted by NCAA legislative changes, other regulatory requirements, or market conditions.

  • PRODUCT STRATEGY - we have long-term strategic objectives for the ongoing expansion and evolution of the product and this plays as prominent a role in the decisioning process as customer feedback.


Foremost, we are committed to continuously evolving and improving ARMS. We believe that customer feedback is a key component of this process, but since we receive thousands of suggestions and ideas from our highly engaged community of users it is critical that we properly prioritize these requests to make the greatest overall impact to the community at large. We make it a point at ARMS to value feedback across all our customers - despite their size, annual spend, or number of championships!

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