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How to Launch a Pipeline
How to Launch a Pipeline

Launching an Evaluation Pipeline from the Recruit profile

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Module: Recruiting>Recruit's Profile

To Launch an evaluation pipeline for a prospect you will need to make sure the Evaluation Pipeline widget has been added to the prospect profile. To add the pipeline widget click on the action menu in the top right corner then select the customize view option.

From the custom view designed scroll down to the PROFILE WIDGETS section and drag the Evaluation Pipeline Widget from the Available Column to the Selected column

Once you have dragged that to the Selected side click save.

Once you navigate back to a recruit's profile you will see that the evaluation pipeline widget has been added below the customizable portion of the profile. From there click one of the quick start position options that are available or select Start as Other to access your full list of positions.

Note: If you receive an error that says "Cannot find ARMS User to Assign Area Evaluation To" you will need to update the prospect's Assigned Coach field which can be found under the Recruiting Tab at the bottom of the profile.

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