When questionnaires are completed, ARMS can display a confirmation message as well as send out automated emails.

Confirmation Messages - will display after the questionnaire response has been submitted. These messages can be created by an administrator or a coach by:

  1. Clicking on Recruiting -> Questionnaires;

  2. Click on the name of the questionnaire;

  3. Select Settings and click on Edit Details.

From there, users can add a default response that prospects will see once they submit their questionnaire.

Automated Emails - Users can manage their questionnaire notifications from the:

  • My ARMS -> My Profile tab.

  • From there, scroll down to Notification Preferences;

  • Flip the Settings for the questionnaires you would like to receive notifications for to Email and ARMS Alerts.

Questionnaire Notifications can be managed from Notifications tab within the Questionnaire tab.

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