The Academic Evaluation widget integrates the new NCAA standards allowing for a course denoted as Pass/Fail to receive a "P" and count as a 2.3 grade point value for that course. In order to properly trigger this calculation, you must put a value of "P" for the grade. This will create a "Read Only" value of 2.3 for the points and allow you to type in the unit value to get the quality points calculated.

Once you have classified the class as a "P" the Core GPA will generate two values - one using the course that denoted as "P" with a 2.3 and one without the 2.3. The system will then weigh the values to determine which is the higher GPA, effectively using the 2.3 value if it helps the PSA and excluding it if it does not.

Next to the Core GPA Value, there will also be an explanation in a blue box letting you know whether the Core GPA was calculated using or excluding the "P" course(s).

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