Inferred Relationships

Using Inferred Relationships in ARMS to help populate the Relationship Widget on your recruit profiles

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The Inferred Relationships feature in ARMS will connect Related Contacts associated with High Schools/Colleges/Club Teams to Recruits associated with those shared Schools and Teams.

For example, in ARMS you have an already created profile of a High School Coach. This High School Coach is designated as the HS Coach for that school in ARMS.

When you add a recruit to ARMS and designate them as PSA at this High School, we will associate this contact with the new recruit. That inferred relationship will allow you to always store the correct contacts with High Schools/Colleges/Club Teams and the system will update them as such on the recruits profile in real time.

Now when you go to the recruits profile associated with this High School, the Coach will appear as their HS Coach without you having to add them in manually.

This same process shown above will work for Club Teams in ARMS as well.

To remove the Inferred Relationship, you will have to remove the Coach from the assigned High School/College/Club Team or Remove the PSA from the High School/College/Club Team in ARMS.

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